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No Joy In Mudville: Workers Strike Out While Insurers Applaud Reduced Workers’ Comp Premiums

Several weeks ago the Maine Bureau of Insurance recommended an average decrease of 7.7% in premiums charged to Maine employers for workers’ compensation insurance.  John Leonard, the CEO of MEMIC, which controls over 60% of the comp insurance market here in Maine, declared that he was “elated” and that “There is joy and jubilation in this […]

‘Tis The Season To Be Jolly? America’s Most Important Workers Get Lump Of Coal For Christmas!

Many years ago, when I was still living in Cleveland, there was a heated primary for the Democratic nomination for the United States Senate.  The race was between Colonel John Glenn, one of the Mercury 7 with the “right stuff” and America’s first man to orbit the earth, and Howard Metzenbaum, a populist who made […]